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THE TEARS OF THE WORLD – Jacky Lavauzelle

 The God Vagabond
Death doesn't exist Poem of Jacky Lavauzelle

Jacky Lavauzelle Poetry


The tears of the world Jacky Lavauzelle
Fuyant la critique, Pere Borrell del Caso, Madrid – 1874
The world is an eye. God seems the eye par excellence, the one who sees everything. The soul is an eye too. A pond too: « And this old pond, nostalgic mirror, Seems your big eye, oh nature! (Leon Dierx). And from the eye always flows tears, tears of joy and tears of sorrow. That’s what I recognize the eyes!
The tears of the world is when the world sees the work of the man. At this moment, the world is weeping warm tears.
The tears of the man arrive when the man sees that all that he had, or that he could have, escaped him.
The tears of the pond is when he sees, under a heavy sun, the species, one after the other, disappear.
My eye to me never cries.
Never externally.
Today, my body is flooded. But nothing is visible. And I go as if nothing had happened. I hear puddles in my shoes. I think I just had an external hemorrhage. The pavers recover some of this water that the sun dries in no time.


That is true ! It’s curious ! Yet…
Yet I see the smiles and, behind the smiles, the creaking of certain souls. Two or three in the world only. No more !
I see the sound of an ankle that I do not hear yet. But this boot is already drawing in me. I see these leaves moving away from these steps. Still, the wind is not there yet. Yet already I see, closing very strongly the eyes, the leaves which are already agitated. It’s so curious !!!
 The God Vagabond
The god vagabond Poem of Jacky Lavauzelle

THE UNAPPEASABLE HOST Poem Yeats Texte & Traduction du poème de Yeats – L’IMPLACABLE HÔTE

William Butler Yeats
English literature
English poetry
Littérature Anglaise – Poésie Anglaise


[The Wind Among the Reeds


THE UNAPPEASABLE HOST Yeats Traduction Artgitato & Texte anglais L'IMPLACABLE HÔTE



The Danaan children laugh, in cradles of wrought gold,
Les enfants des dieux grecs rient dans des berceaux d’or forgé,
And clap their hands together, and half close their eyes,
Et frappent leurs mains ensemble, et à moitié ferment leurs yeux,
For they will ride the North when the ger-eagle flies,
Car ils chevaucheront vers le Nord quand les faucons voleront,
With heavy whitening wings, and a heart fallen cold:
Avec des lourdes ailes blanchies, et un cœur devenu glacial :
I kiss my wailing child and press it to my breast,
Je baise mon enfant en pleurs et l’appuie contre ma poitrine,
And hear the narrow graves calling my child and me.
Et j’entends les tombes étroites nous appelant mon enfant et moi.
Desolate winds that cry over the wandering sea;
Vents désolées qui pleurent sur la mer instable ;
Desolate winds that hover in the flaming West;
Vents désolées qui planent dans l’Ouest flamboyant ;
Desolate winds that beat the doors of Heaven, and beat
Vents désolées qui frappent aux portes du Ciel, et frappent
The doors of Hell and blow there many a whimpering ghost;
Aux portes de l’Enfer et soufflent un fantôme gémissant;
O heart the winds have shaken, the unappeasable host
Ô cœur que les vents ont ébranlél’implacable hôte 
Is comelier than candles at Mother Mary’s feet.
est plus superbe que les bougies aux pieds de la Vierge Marie.

Traduction Jacky Lavauzelle

 The Unappeasable Host poem Yeats